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We shorten your long URLs, so that you can remember and share globaly anytime, anywhere. is a smart url shortener. create your own smart urls and share them on mobile phones,emails,and social media like we can convert any long url to a very simple and easy to memorize urls like and will be valid lifetyme everywhere everytime.

Please create account so that your converted url remains active for life long and you can have a list of converted urls for life.
After creating account you can choose your plan so that you can have full access of the urls converted and enjoy the following features.

  • Password protected

    Make your URL to be password protected, so that only the authroised person can access your shortened urls.

  • Set a time limit

    Make your short urls valid only for some time and after that the url expires.

  • Count Clicks

    Count how many people clicked your url and actually saw your webpage.

  • Add Parameters

    Add parameters like

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What people say about us

Vikas Uadhyay - Co-founder
Best URL shortner for my company, it gives me full control of the url. Never thought that i can do so many things with my url. Thank you
Rahul Jha - founder of
ynaps Group
I am using this tool everyday for business purpose, Shortnening the URLs for my clients so that we both can remember.
Manish Sinha - Founder of
Azmart Group
I like the password protection of my URLs and also it allows me to pass more information by url. This is really amazing
Rohit Sharma - C.E.O of
Amazing, how it allows me to manage my urls, i get reort for clicks, IPs, can export excel sheet and allow my employees to use the tool...